From MD’s Desk

Shri Virender Gehlaut, MD

           Shri Virender Gehlaut, MD

Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education :

I feel great delight to state that our organization trusts in what Martin Luther has written. It has been a mission in my life to make high quality education available, accessible, through means that the latest educational technology offers, most importantly, affordable to both rich – poor, rural and urbans equally.

Today’s education system faces a greater challenge in terms of imparting the right knowledge and the apt experience that blends to create wonderful young successful students. At Jeevan Jyoti School, we build a strong foundation for our students, right from the pre KG level, by instilling universal values and preparing them to face budding challenges. We are also committed to inculcating in all our students; strong ethical values of integrity, respect and discipline as well as clarity in thought and decision – making ability as a life us long process, which a good education fosters.

We proudly say that our students are set with the best perceptive and excellent life skills – be it in academics or co – curricular activities. Jeevan Jyoti  is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence, inspiring students to become sovereign and sharp intellectuals, progressive scholars & socially –responsible citizens. I always admire and get inspiration from the life of great scientist and Late President – Dr. Abdul Kalam who once wrote:-

“Learning gives creativity,
Creativity leads to thinking,
Thinking provides knowledge
Knowledge makes you great”


In order to achieve all this , we follows C.B.S.E. curriculum that is based upon the best learning practices highly evolutionary, renowned world – wide and one that generates situations for students to exploit their potential at a Globally spirited height. Our high tech infrastructure, well trained teachers ensures that our students gain wonderful and fruitful experience.

I hope that I have painted a picture of our organization where opportunities abound for everyone. As you take the next step in the future education of your daughter or son we would be delighted to welcome you at Jeevan Jyoti  School , Palwal – the next generation school.

Yours Sincerely